Aussie Shots

Our philosophy is simple, we believe in the best for the customer and best for the job at hand.

We have been in operation since 1983, and have grown up embracing the technological changes that have encompassed our industry.

In the late 80's and early 90's, our focus was predominately with conventional silver based materials including Cibachrome P3 and P3-X, EP2 and RA4 and E6 and C41.

Sensing the technological changes to come, we gradually moved out of conventional photography to now being 90% digital imaging with the balance conventional film based.

We use PC and Mac based systems with Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Pagemaker and Quark for our printed work and Macromedia products - Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash, for our online web work.

Our digital cameras the instant capture of the Canon 1Ds, 20D and the Fuji S2 pro. Scanners include Nikon LS 2000, 4000D and Umax high end scanners. However we are always testing new equipment and update as soon as a beneficial upgrade is available.

We use only HP printers for laser and colour proofing.

Our PC systems use AMD Athlon processors.

We have been involved with CTP printing for since 1997, with both large web presses and smaller sheet fed systems. With the current demand for ontime printing, our clients are happy with the service and quality that this system entails.

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